CSM Compressor services all makes and models of reciprocating natural gas compressors. We re-condition all components including piston and rod assemblies (supply Teflon, thermo plastic or peak rings), packing cases, crossheads, cylinders, valves and internals.

Provide us with running conditions and our professional staff can trouble shoot your valves!

  • Rottler - This machine is a precision, single point boring and high speed surfacing unit specializing in machining of connecting rods.
  • Boehringer - A computerized Numerical Control for turning machines used for conventional machining operations.
  • Weiler - A high performance CNC Lathe with automated cycles and “teach and turn” functions.
  • Axial Thread Rolling – A cold forming threading machine can roll threads from 7/8” to 3 ½”.
  • Thermal Spraying – External and internal spraying. Process materials include Tungsten, Alcro, and Babbitt.
  • Lapping – Providing superior surface finishes to extremely demanding tolerances.
  • Vertical hone and lathe, horizontal boring mill for large turning operations.
  • Conventional lathes, mills, and related manufacturing equipment.