Valve Management Program (V.M.P.)

CSM’s Team of Compressor Valve Experts developed the Valve Management Program (V.M.P.). The V.M.P. is designed to collect and store key specifications to compare to historical data, with the current working condition’s. By performing these tasks, the CSM Valve Team can recommend the incomparable Valve tailoring to give our customers the most efficient Valve with the longest life expectations.

The Process

  • How critical are valves to a compressor’s performance
  • Customer contact
  • The importance of operating conditions
  • Receiving of the valves
  • Repair process
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • Packaging
  • Additional documentation
  • The next time the valves come in
  • Other V.M.P. offerings

How Critical Valves are to the Compressor’s performance

A compressor depends in large measure on the reliability of its valves. Once a valve malfunctions your compressor will decrease its function, waste energy and possibly lead to damage. Costing money in repairs. An important part of keeping valves in working order is regular inspection and reconditioning as well as adjusting valve internals to any changes in operating conditions

At CSM Compressor, we consider the Valves as the Quarterback of the Compressor. If you have to correct internals and look after the Valves your compressor will have a better performance.

Customer Contact – The Important Questions

  • How were the valves performing?
  • Has your process changed?
  • What are the current operating conditions?
  • Have we worked on these valves before?
  • Some questions to avoid
    • Use the same replacement parts as last time
      • There might be a reason the valves keep failing, same parts = same results
    • Standard replacement parts
      • Each valve has a wide variety of possible internals that with proper tailoring will allow the valves to run better and longer.

The Importance of Operating Conditions

At CSM, we feel this is the most important question we need to ask and know, if we want our Customers to be satisfied with our quality of work.


  • Noticed that one of our customers was sending in same stage valves from the same unit every 2 weeks. Got updated running conditions and retailored. Valves are now running fine.
  • Customer came in and said that valves were being reconditioned elsewhere and they were not getting any longevity out of them. Tailored and corrected tolerances, and they are getting much better run time. We are currently correcting valves for 3 other units for them.

Operating Conditions

Receiving the Valves

Exact receiving of the product is key for successful and accurate documented repair.


  • Unit number
  • LSD
  • Any problems (example valve too thin)
  • Frame model
  • Cylinder size, if we don’t have history.

Repair Process

Unit Report

The Repair Process Once we have the current working conditions, we now start to work on the repairs.


CSM prides itself on our ability to document repair history and operating conditions.

  • This allows us to track and repair potential valve problems

When our Customer’s need information on when we last Overhauled, parts that were supplied.

The CSM internal APP is a game changer for our Industry and unit specific customer information.

Unit Report


Using Technology to confirm we have a quality repair.

CSM, purchased a valve tester that provides a digital readout with accurate leakage rates, so we can ensure that the valves we send out are meeting our high standards.

Packaging & Labeling

Vital to the Valve repair process is the Packaging and Labeling of the Valves.

CSM use’s special Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor bags to package, this provides anti- corrosion protection to keep parts in new condition.

CSM Labeling Identifies:

  • Customer Name and Location
  • Work Order Number
  • Valve Size/Stage
  • Springs Installed
  • Plate Material
  • Lift
  • Date Reconditioned

Additional Documentation

All the Spec’s are saved on the work order and saved in the CSM Data History. As well as any adjustments made.

The Shipping Department prepares the Valves for shipment. Confirming that the boxes are packaged safely for transport and labeled correctly.

All worksheets are forwarded to the supervisor's office for final check before forwarding to finance for billing.

The next time the Valves come in for Repair

Confirm working conditions

Other V.M.P. offerings

CSM does offer to go to the Customer's location to identify products not in their package’s, update any spare components with current running conditions.

We will give critical spare recommendations.

We will confirm and record current working conditions.

With a detailed history of the customers units, we can identify where any “extra” valves may fit.